Fairfield accountants

Annual Accounts

We can help you to:

✔ Prepare your full and abbreviated accounts
✔ Produce financial records to file at Companies House
✔ Complete your self-assessment tax returns

Accounts are prepared to agreed timescales and deadlines.

We can go beyond what you have already achieved with your Business and look into analysing your Business for you. This will help you to:

✔ Identify areas where we can assist in minimising your tax liability
✔ Identify areas of the business where you have the greatest opportunity to make improvements
✔ Use the accounts to help you measure where you are in meeting your goals and what actions you need to take to help you to get there more quickly.

We will take the time to fully explain your accounts to you so that you have a complete understanding of what is going on financially within your Business. This will ensure that you proceed to take the best step for achieving your financial goals in the near and long term future.

Company Secretarial

We can help you fulfill this role and offer the following services :

✔ Registered office facilities
✔ Maintenance of statutory registers
✔ Submission of statutory documents
✔ Giving notice of General Meetings
✔ Drafting agendas for company meetings
✔ Preparing Minutes of Meetings
✔ Completion of share transfer forms
✔ Preparation of share certificates
✔ Carrying out company searches
✔ Filing of Annual Return
✔ Acting as Company Secretary
✔ General Company Law advice
✔ Advice on protection of minority interest 

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We can take the of paperwork off your hands so that you can concentrate on running your Business. With this service we will :

✔ Handle all your invoices, bank statements, etc
✔ Do all the processing
✔ Prepare the Management Accounts
✔ Complete your VAT Returns
✔ Compile your Business's Key Performance Indicators
✔ Prepare your End of Year Accounts
✔ Estimate your Tax Liabilities as you go along so there's no end of year surprises

With this service all you do is pick up the records (neatly filed and organised!) and all the information you requested. This also makes it easy for us to handle any VAT inspections on your behalf.